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Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

How Long Does a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology Take to Complete?

It usually takes about four weeks to complete a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology if you can show that you have the required skills and knowledge for each unit of the course.

What is the Automotive Servicing Technology RPL Certificate II?

The Automotive Servicing Technology RPL Certificate II is a way for people to get a certificate that acknowledges their existing skills and knowledge in automotive servicing technology. They can do this by having their prior work experience, training, and qualifications assessed to determine if they have already achieved the required competencies for Certificate II.

If they have, they won’t need to complete the entire course. This process can potentially reduce the time it takes to get the qualification and recognize their skills and knowledge officially.

What Topics Are Covered in Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology?

The Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology covers a wide range of vehicle repair and maintenance disciplines, including:

  1. Analyzing and repairing engine, brake, and suspension systems.
  2. Inspection and maintenance of transmissions, steering systems, and cooling systems
  3. Basic vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations,
  4. Operation and maintenance of automotive tools and equipment.
  5. Adherence to safe work procedures and the identification of dangers in the automotive workplace
  6. Effective workplace communication with customers and coworkers
  7. Handling automobile electrical systems such as battery charging and starting systems.

Overall, the course is designed to provide individuals with the skills and information needed to perform effectively in the automobile service business.

Documents Required for the Certificate in Automotive Servicing Technology II

To get a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, you must provide several documents of proof that will assist the assessor in assessing your skills and abilities.

These are the documents and evidence required to apply for the Automotive Servicing Technology RPL Certificate II:

    Identification (ID)
    Payslips, work contract, or ABN if self-employed
    Letter of Employment
    Current employment contracts
    Videos or photos showing your work
    Evidence of qualifications obtained overseas
    Transcripts or assessments from previous qualifications related to automotive servicing
    Apprenticeship papers
    Safe work method statements
    Job safety analysis documents
    Job cards
    Maintenance reports and service sheets
    Quotes, invoices, and stock orders

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