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Our Services to Help You Obtain Your Contractor Licence Nsw Easily

Trade Licensing

We can help you obtain your Contractor or Trade Licence quickly and easily. Our Trade Licensing covers a range of commercial activities including construction, bricklaying, painter, carpenter, Plasterer, Mechanic, Air conditioning, plumbing, electrical work, pest control, landscaping, and more. The license outlines the authorized scope of work and may have limitations on area or time. However, the exact scope of work depends on jurisdiction and local standards.

Benefits of Having a Trade Licensing

Obtaining a Trade Licensing offers several advantages. It ensures you operate legally and avoid penalties, while also gaining trust and confidence from clients by demonstrating your skills and qualifications. Having a Trade Licensing also allows you to attract more work and clients, as well as increase your value and potential for higher-paying jobs or rates.

Our Services

We can assist you to get your Contractor or trade licence quickly and easily. Our services include helping you to prove your competency in the required units, as well as ensuring that you meet all local government or licensing agency requirements. We will also provide you with all the necessary information and guidance to help you obtain your licence within four weeks.

Benefits of Having a Contractor Licence in NSW

Obtaining a Contractor Licence in New South Wales (NSW) opens up a plethora of opportunities in the bustling construction sector of this Australian state. Besides operating within the legal framework and avoiding potential penalties, a licensed contractor is highly valued by clients for their verified skills and qualifications. This boosts client trust, leading to an increased volume of work and the potential for higher paying jobs. Furthermore, NSW Contractor Licence holders are recognized across many parts of Australia, enhancing their professional mobility. Finally, holding a Contractor Licence in NSW provides an added layer of security to clients, as it is backed by the NSW Fair Trading Home Building Compensation (HBC) cover for work exceeding $20,000, ensuring clients are protected if any unexpected issues arise.

Recognition of Prior Learning for Experienced Tradies

If you’re a seasoned tradie with more than two years of work experience, we offer a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) service to convert your experience and skills into a formal qualification. This accelerates your journey towards obtaining a Contractor Licence in New South Wales (NSW). Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process, helping to identify, document, and assess your prior learning against the requirements for trade qualifications. This includes practical skills and knowledge gained from your employment, training courses, and any self-taught skills relevant to the trade. With RPL, you can bypass redundant training and fast-track obtaining your Contractor Licence in NSW, boosting your professional credibility and opening doors to a plethora of opportunities in the construction industry.
Get your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) qualifications today from GET Qualified Now Australia. Our services include helping with contractor licence applications and providing comprehensive guidance. As the premier one-stop-shop for tradies in Australia, we specialize in RPL and trade licence services. Contact us now for expert support and take your career to new heights!!