Certificate III Engineering Fabrication Trade

Mastering the Art of Metalwork: Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade

If you’re captivated by the art of shaping metals and transforming raw materials into intricate structures, the Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade is the comprehensive training program designed to provide aspiring engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of metalwork. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your expertise, this certificate offers a structured learning experience that will help you achieve your goals.

Units of Competency and Qualification Code

Qualification Code: MEM30319


The program can be completed within four weeks after demonstrating adequate and acceptable proof of proficiency in all required units of competency.

Offered By

An RTO partner.

Benefits of Pursuing Certificate III Engineering Fabrication Trade

Enrolling in this certificate course comes with a multitude of benefits. This qualification is highly regarded by employers in the engineering and manufacturing industries, serving as a testament to your dedication and proficiency in metal fabrication techniques, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

The hands-on nature of this training program ensures that you gain practical experience working with various tools and machinery. You’ll develop a deep understanding of welding, sheet metal fabrication, and structural steel assembly, among other essential skills. This practical knowledge will equip you with the confidence to tackle real-world projects and challenges.

Completing a certificate in engineering fabrication trade opens doors to further educational opportunities. With a solid foundation in metalwork, you can pursue advanced studies or specialize in a particular area of fabrication, such as boiler making or blacksmithing. This certificate serves as a stepping stone towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the engineering industry.

Key Skills and Knowledge Acquired in Engineering Fabrication Trade

This certificate covers a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for success in the field. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to read and interpret technical drawings and apply mathematical principles to solve fabrication problems. Additionally, you’ll develop expertise in cutting, bending, and shaping metal using different techniques, including welding, riveting, and soldering.

To ensure that you’re well-rounded, the program also emphasizes the importance of workplace safety and industry regulations. You’ll become familiar with occupational health and safety standards, risk management protocols, and quality control procedures. These skills are crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

Name of the Qualification

Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade

Qualification Code and Units of Competency


Duration to Get Your Engineering Fabrication Trade Certificate III RPL

After receiving appropriate and adequate documents as a proof of ability in all units of competency requested, you will receive the Engineering Fabrication Trade Certificate III RPL within four weeks’ time span.

What is Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade?

Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade is an Australian vocational certificate for skilled welders who want to advance their qualification to more challenging welding tasks.

Engineering Fabrication Trade Competencies Cover

Engineering Fabrication Trade Certificate III is a nationally recognized qualification that covers a wide range of metal fabrication competencies, such as reading technical drawings, performing welding techniques, using hand and power tools, operating metal fabrication machinery, conducting quality checks, and adhering to workplace health and safety regulations.

Goal of Engineering Fabrication Trade III Certificate

Goal of this certification is intended to define the knowledge and skills required of an engineering tradesperson for fabrication in the metal, engineering, and manufacturing industries.  The qualification has been designed expressly to fulfill the demands of apprentices in the aforementioned trade.

Where is Engineering Fabrication Trade Certificate III Offered?

As a stepping stone to higher levels of qualification or internships in specific building trades, vocational education and training (VET) institutions, trade schools, or other training providers may offer the Engineering Fabrication Trade Certificate III.

What are the benefits of an RPL Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade?

  1. Students can advance to further training programs and academic opportunities that they would not be able to pursue without a certification.
  2. Increases student morale and self-esteem by praising them for their achievements as students.
  3. It informs pupils that learning is a lifelong process in which they can learn new things regardless of their current profession.

Documents Required for Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade

To help the person evaluating you form an opinion on your abilities, you’ll need to submit various pieces of proof. It’s possible that you’ll be requested to present evidence like:

  • ID
  • Resume
  • Employment letter
  • Current employment contracts
  • Pay stubs, work contract, or ABN if self-employed
  • Service papers and maintenance reports
  • Statements of safe work methods
  • Transcripts or evaluations from previous qualifications in the same field
  • Reference letters from licensed tradespeople with whom you have worked
  • Work videos or photographs.
  • Proof of abroad qualifications.
  • Apprenticeship documentation.
  • Job safety audit
  • Quotes and invoices, as well as stock orders
  • Business cards
  • Drawings/schematics/blueprints

Submitting these documents will help the evaluator form an opinion.

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Career Opportunities After Completing Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade

Upon completing a Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade, individuals open doors to a variety of rewarding career options in the metal fabrication and welding industry. Here are some possible career pathways and roles with this qualification:

Metal Fabricator

Graduates of this program can seek careers as metal fabricators, where they will specialize in shaping, cutting, and joining metal parts to create a wide range of products, from structural steelwork to machinery parts.


Certificate III holders are trained with advanced welding skills, making them suitable candidates for welding roles across enterprises such as construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding.

Sheet Metal Worker

 Sheet metal workers work with delicate metal sheets to create various products, including ductwork, roofing, and metal components for machinery and equipment.


Boilermakers are trained in fabricating and fixing boilers, pressure vessels, and large metal structures. They play a critical role in drives like construction and manufacturing.

Quality Control Inspector

Individuals with this capability may find work as quality power inspectors liable for setting and providing the quality of fabricated metal outcomes.

Metalwork Designer

Some Certificate III holders transition into design roles, where they use their valuable knowledge to construct metalwork strategies and procedures.


Graduates may pick to create their metal fabrication businesses, using their expertise to deliver customized metal products and usefulness.

Further Education

This capability can act as a basis for pursuing higher teaching in engineering or related fields, opening doors to more progressive positions and technical roles.

Certificate III in Engineering Fabrication Trade delivers a comprehensive skill set that is admirably followed in various industries, delivering individuals the possibility to build succeeding and rewarding careers in the metal fabrication and welding sectors.

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