MEM31922 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade

Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade: Building a Solid Foundation for a Successful Career


The Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade is a comprehensive vocational training program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the fabrication trade within the engineering industry. This program provides hands-on training and theoretical understanding of various fabrication techniques, materials, and tools commonly used in the field. It is an excellent pathway for individuals seeking to enter the dynamic and ever-growing field of engineering fabrication.

Course Overview:

The Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade covers a wide range of topics and practical skills necessary for success in the fabrication trade. Students will learn how to interpret technical drawings, perform calculations, use different fabrication techniques such as cutting, bending, and welding, and work with a variety of materials like metals, plastics, and composites. The course also emphasizes workplace safety, quality control, and effective communication within the engineering industry.

Career Opportunities:
  • Fabrication Technician:Work in manufacturing companies, workshops, or construction sites, fabricating and assembling metal components or structures.
  • Welder:Specialize in welding techniques, joining metal parts together using various methods such as MIG, TIG, or arc welding.
  • Sheet Metal Worker:Focus on creating and installing sheet metal products, including ductwork, roofing, and ventilation systems.
  • Boilermaker:Construct, assemble, and maintain boilers, tanks, and other large metal structures used in industrial settings.
  • Structural Steel Erector:Participate in the installation and assembly of structural steel frameworks for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.
Advantages of the Course:
  • Practical Skills:Gain hands-on experience in using fabrication tools and techniques, making you job-ready upon completion of the course.
  • Industry-Relevant Knowledge:Acquire a comprehensive understanding of engineering principles and materials commonly used in the fabrication trade.
  • Recognized Qualification:Obtain a nationally recognized certificate, enhancing your employability and opening doors to various career opportunities.
  • Career Progression:Develop a strong foundation for further studies or specialization within the engineering field, such as pursuing higher-level qualifications or becoming a supervisor or manager.
  • Job Security:With a growing demand for skilled fabrication trade professionals, completing this course can provide long-term job security in a stable and thriving industry.

The Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade offers a valuable opportunity to develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of engineering fabrication. By completing this course, individuals can enter the workforce with confidence, equipped with the necessary expertise to pursue a successful career in a range of industries, from manufacturing and construction to infrastructure and maintenance. With the advantage of a nationally recognized qualification, graduates can enjoy diverse career opportunities and job security, making this program an excellent choice for those interested in the exciting world of engineering fabrication.