Australian Skills Assessment for Nursing

Any individual who is hoping to apply for General Talented Movement Visas (Gifted Free – Subclass 189, State Supported – Subclass 190, Gifted Work Local – Subclass 491), will expect to get a positive abilities evaluation first before they can apply for the visa.

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Internationally qualified nurses and birthing specialists must satisfy the instructive guideline set for Australian qualified enrolled attendants and maternity specialists. The candidate has a base capability of a Bachelor’s degree, or qualification joined with an experience that is practically identical in span and substance to nationally agree on minimal educational Standard for nursing and maternity care in Australia.

Work Experience: 

The Standard is met when the candidate has practiced as a medical attendant or birthing specialist in the five years going before their application date. Recently enlisted Australian nursing and maternity care graduates don’t have to fulfill this guideline; however, the more likely than not got AHPRA enrollment.

English Level: 

A band score of 7 in all groups of the IELTS academic IELTS or a B pass in all groups of the OET for nurses.

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Skill Assessment Eligibility

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