Australian Skills Assessment for Teaching

Any individual who is hoping to apply for General Talented Movement Visas (Gifted Free – Subclass 189, State Supported – Subclass 190, Gifted Work Local – Subclass 491), will expect to get a positive abilities evaluation first before they can apply for the visa.

For Teaching


Applicants must have completed four years, full-time advanced education level examination, and one of those years included the culmination of an initial teacher education qualification. For instance, you may have finished a multi-year Bachelor of Science certificate and a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Work Experience: 

Aside from the directed teaching practice, there is no extra work experience required. Anyway, directed instructing practice is required. The regulated encouraging practice is the obligatory segment of an initial teacher education program. This instructing practice is under the supervision of a certified instructor and college training staff and is officially evaluated. At least 45 days of regulated instructing practice with the age scope of the students apply to your selected occupation is required.

English Level: 

Academic IELTS test report appearing:

  • a score of at any rate 7.0 for both Reading and Writing; and
  • a score of at any rate 8.0 for both Speaking and Listening.
For Teaching

Teacher Skill Assessment in Australia – Begin Your Prosperous Career in Teaching with Us

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We offer a range of robust teacher skill assessments designed to gauge the competencies and effectiveness of teachers in various educational settings. These assessments cover key areas such as subject knowledge, pedagogical skills, classroom management, communication, and student engagement. Our skill assessment for early child teacher ensures a fair and accurate evaluation, providing valuable insights to educators, educational institutions, and policymakers.

At Get Qualified Now, we are committed to ensuring quality education by conducting quality early childhood teacher skill assessments. Through our comprehensive assessments, personalized feedback, targeted professional development programs, and collaborative community, we strive to elevate the standards of teaching and learning across the nation. Contact us today for teacher skill assessment and start your transformative journey of professional growth and impact.