Name of the Qualification

Air Conditioning Refrigeration Trade License

Qualification Code and Units of Competency:


Time Required to Get an Air Conditioning Refrigeration Trade License

After submitting all the documents required as proof of your ability in all the units of competency requested, you will receive your certificate within a 4-week time span.

What is the Air Conditioning Refrigeration Trade License?

In Australia, to work on air conditioning and refrigeration as a professional, you need a special license called an Air Conditioning Refrigeration Trade License. The government gives this license to people who have completed an apprenticeship, have work experience, or have gone through training courses. The license shows that the person has the skills, knowledge, and training to do the job safely and properly.

Career Growth after an Air Conditioning Refrigeration Trade License

Getting an Air Conditioning Refrigeration Trade License can lead to many career opportunities, such as starting your own business, specializing in a specific area, moving into management roles, continuing your education and training, or moving into sales and consulting jobs. These opportunities can help you advance your career and gain more experience in the industry.

What Topics Are Covered in the Trade License for Air Conditioning Refrigeration?

The topics covered in the trade license for air conditioning refrigeration may differ depending on the state or territory government agency in Australia that issues the license. Some common topics covered may include the fundamental concepts of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, electrical circuits and wiring, refrigerant handling, system installation and maintenance, and troubleshooting and repair techniques.

Additionally, workplace health and safety regulations, environmental sustainability practices, and customer service skills are also emphasized. These topics aim to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively work with air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Documents Required for the Trade License for Air Conditioning Refrigeration

Documents you need to provide to authenticate your work and to help the person who is evaluating you are as follows:

  • 100 points of identification
  • CV/Resume
  • Statements of Achievement, Qualifications, and Certificates or Transcripts of Previous Work
  • Documents proving completion of an apprenticeship, if available
  • Overseas qualifications/transcripts (if available)
  • License to handle refrigerants (trainee or restricted to split systems), if applicable.
  • A list of references from licensed air conditioning and refrigeration firms and contractors
  • Employment verification letter obtained from a third party
  • Pay slips/invoices
  • Plans/Drawings
  • SWMS
  • JSA’s Work Orders
  • The sheets of service
  • Images and videos showing the process of air conditioning being performed on various tools

Make sure you provide all the documents correctly.

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