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Bricklaying Trade License

Qualification Code and Units of Competency:


Duration to Get Your Trade License for Bricklaying RPL

After submitting sufficient evidence of competency and meeting the requirements for all the units applied for, your recognition of prior learning (RPL) for the Bricklaying Trade License can be confirmed within an estimated timeframe of around four weeks.

What is a Bricklaying Trade License?

A Bricklaying Trade License is a license that permits people in Australia to legally work as bricklayers. It is granted by the government agency of the state or territory and shows that the person has the skills, training, and knowledge needed to do the job correctly and safely. To get the license, a person usually needs to complete an apprenticeship, a vocational education and training course, or have relevant work experience and pass a competency test.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Bricklaying Trade License?

Having a Bricklaying Trade License in Australia can provide various benefits, including:

  1. Legitimacy: The license proves that you have the required skills, knowledge, and training to work as a bricklayer in Australia legally.
  2. More Career Opportunities: With a trade license, you can access more job opportunities and potentially earn higher wages.
  3. Customer Trust: Clients are more likely to trust a licensed bricklayer with their work, leading to more work opportunities and positive referrals.
  4. Safety: A trade license ensures that you have the necessary training to safely work with bricks and related equipment, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  5. Compliance: Working without a trade license can lead to fines and legal consequences. A Bricklaying Trade License guarantees compliance with regulations and the law set by the relevant state or territory government agency.

What Evidence Is Required For An RPL Bricklaying Trade License?

Documents that can be submitted as evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Bricklaying Trade License to help the evaluator form a conclusion may include:

  • Apprenticeship papers (if appropriate)
  • Identification
  • Resume
  • Payslips, work agreement, or ABN if self-employed
  • Employment letter(s)
  • Photos or videos showcasing your work
  • any existing employment contracts
  • Reference letters from one or more tradesmen you’ve collaborated with
  • Evidence of your overseas qualifications
  • Evaluations or transcripts of prior related qualifications
  • Safe work method statements
  • Contracts
  • Quotes, invoices, and stock orders
  • Job cards

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