Name of the Qualification

Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology

Time Required to Get a Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology

After submitting all the documents required as proof of your ability in all the units of competency requested, you will receive your certificate within a 4-week time span.

What is the Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology?

The Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology is a qualification that is recognized across Australia for vocational education and training. It aims to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to diagnose, repair, and maintain complex automotive electrical systems, including electronic components and computer-controlled systems. The course includes subjects such as electrical circuits, wiring diagrams, electronic diagnostics, and vehicle communication systems.

Career Growth after Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology

Individuals who get a Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology can work in different positions in the automotive industry, including automotive electricians, auto-electrical workshop supervisors, and diagnostic technicians.

What Topics Are Covered In The Automotive Electrical Technology Certificate IV?

The Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology course teaches students how to work with the electrical systems found in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It covers a range of topics, such as reading and understanding technical information, finding and fixing complicated problems, setting up electronic systems and parts, and performing regular upkeep and maintenance. Students will also learn about keeping the workplace safe, environmental sustainability, and how to provide good customer service.

Documents Required for the Certificate in Automotive Electrical Technology IV

To get a Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology, you must provide several documents of proof that will assist the assessor in assessing your skills and abilities. This could include supporting documentation like:

  • A curriculum vitae (CV), which provides a summary of your employment history, skills, accomplishments, and education.
  • A letter of employment, which verifies your current job status, responsibilities, and salary.
  • Copies of your current employment contracts, which detail your rights and obligations as an employee,
  • Examples of your work, such as photos or videos showcasing the projects you have completed or the products you have created,
  • Evidence of your qualifications obtained overseas, including diplomas, certificates, or transcripts from accredited institutions.
  • Records of your past qualifications or training, such as transcripts or assessments that demonstrate your expertise in related fields,
  • Apprenticeship papers are required if you have completed an apprenticeship program and received certification or licensure in a particular trade or profession.

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