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There are different types of streams in Visitor Visa

  1. Tourist Stream
  2. Sponsored Family Stream
  3. Business Visitor Stream
  4. Affirmed Destination Stream ( only for Chinese visit group )
  5. Visit Travel Stream ( only for Chinese Business individuals )


You ought to give verification that you approach sufficient resources for deal with your costs during your visit in Australia. The level of resources that you require will depend on the length of your proposed remain; your living strategies while you are in Australia (for instance whether or not you are paying for your benefit, or you are staying with family or associates); and the activities that you mean to concentrate on in Australia

Adequate proof of your assets incorporates:
    • Individual bank articulations (or passbooks)
    • letter from a bank or other monetary organization with respect to your money related position and additionally your entrance to the assets of someone else (for an example life partner, parent)
    • updated Payslips
    • Inspected budgetary records (if you are independently employed)
    • Tax assessment Records
    • Credit card limit/accessible assets

Note: In the event that your excursion is being paid for by the companion or relative whom you are visiting in Australia, this ought to be affirmed by the companion/relative recorded as a hard copy. You should likewise give proof that this individual has adequate assets to take care of your expenses during your remain.

Note: In the event that your excursion is being paid for by the companion or relative whom you are visiting in Australia, this ought to be affirmed by the companion/relative recorded as a hard copy. You should likewise give proof that this individual has adequate assets to take care of your expenses during your remain.


How would I show that I have a motivating force to come back to my nation of origin following my visit?

You ought to display that you mean to visit Australia on a fleeting reason and that you have an inspiration to return to your country of beginning.

Proof that you have a motivating force to come back to your nation of origin could include:

      • Progressing work (for example a letter from your manager affirming that you have been allowed leave for your excursion; business contract; payslips)
      • Enrolment in a school, school or college
      • The nearness of close relatives in your nation of origin (for example life partner/de facto partner, guardians, siblings
      • Responsibility for or other critical resources (for instance authentication of title; deed of possession)
      • Business possession (if independently employed)

Do I have to have a health assessment?

The Immigration division requires visa candidates from specific nations to experience a chest x-ray (and, in certain occurrences, a clinical assessment). We will exhort you on the off chance that you are required to have any well-being assessments dependent on the office’s present criteria.

Besides, if you are required to have a health examination, we can give counsel on how and when to sort out this assessment. We can likewise help you with finishing the essential regulatory strides before your evaluation.


We prescribe you take out health care coverage to cover any unexpected clinical treatment you may require in Australia. You are actually at risk for all your medicinal services costs while you are in Australia. Protection can help limit your money related to risk. Medical coverage isn’t mandatory for some situations. Immigration can ask for. For instance, a year or more extended parent visitor visa.


Form 1229 or Form 1257 may be required. It will be ideal if you get in touch with us.


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