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Currently if you are not eligible for a trade licence or builders’ licence? We can prepare a tailored career pathway to get you on track and you can easily obtain your licence

Get qualified now in Australia pride itself on preparing pathways for all our clients to achieve their Goals in their chosen field. We will advise you on current regulations to enable you to gain the knowledge and work experience and become a professional tradesman. We always pride ourselves on delivering a pathway that is tailor made to your chosen profession. When you have completed you Qualifications and work experience, we will assist with the lodgement process for you to become licenced in your state.

How it works

Each state has its own individual license classes and requirements to obtain them. It is important to know these regulations before you continue. We will guide you through all of these and make sure that you meet these before you lodge any application.

Every licence class in each state has a minimum qualification requirement. We will guide you through this process and make sure that the Qualification is on the approved list for each trade in your required state. If additional education or qualifications are required, we will put you in touch with our training partners who will be able to assist.

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of builders, including selecting contractors, overseeing the work and its quality, and liaising with the client. The builder may also be the appropriately licensed person with responsibility under the relevant building licensing authority in the State or Territory. The qualification also meets the needs of senior managers within building, construction and services firms typically working in larger organisations and managing more complex projects and processes.

We will prepare all the documents required for your applications to make sure you remain compliant with the state regulations. We will liaise with all your referee’s if required for the licence class and guide you through the lodgement process. We will also assist with any additional information required by the authorities.

Once your licence is approved, we will continue to offer support to you and your growing business. We will be able to give advice on all aspects of the industry which will ensure you are remaining compliant. This can include all insurance requirement, Contract preparation, legal requirements and many other topics that may arise.