Employer Nomination Scheme (TSS)

The Employer Nomination Scheme is a permanent visa for candidates who wish to permanently move to Australia and have been offered a permanent position in the enterprise in Australia.

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The ENS visa is a permanent visa allowing the sponsored employee and their dependents to stay indefinitely in Australia.


There are three streams:

  •  Direct Entry (DE) Stream: For this stream, the employee does not have to work with the employer for 3 years. This is a direct pathway to permanent visa and requires skills assessment and 3 years of prior experience.
  •  Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream: Applicant is applying after holding 3 years of Subclass 482 Visa in medium term stream.
  •  Labour Agreement (LA) Stream: Employer has labour agreement agreement approval from department and is sponsoring you.
  •  There should be no adverse information of the business
  •  Business comply with Australian immigration and workplace laws


  •  Your employers nomination application must be approved within the six months before you apply
  •  Should be under 45 years age at the time of application
  •  Should have skills assessment at the time of application if you are applying under Direct Stream Stream. TRT stream does not require skills assessment.
  •  Should have three years of relevant work experience. Two years if you were granted or have applied for 457 visa before 18 April 2017.
  •  Should have Competent English language at the time of application
  •  Meet Health and Characters requirements



There are two stages to the ENS subclass 186 application:

  •  Nomination: Involves review of the business as well as the position being sponsored by the employer.
  •  Visa Application: There are different ways to approach this, which may require English language test, skills assessment, and police checks.


  •  ENS visa is a permanent visa and usually entails higher documentation than a 457 /482 visas. Some of the problems include.
  •  Skills assessment- Each skills assessment authority demands a different level of skills/experience/English scores.
  •  Employer should meet the “satisfactory record of training”



Nomination Application Fees: $540 TRT Stream Nomination Application Fees: $NIL (Only If position is in designated Area) Visa Application Fees:

Base application chargeAdditional applicant charge under 18
AUD 3,755AUD 1,875AUD 940

Secondary applicant who has not functional English: AUD 4890.