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Certificate IV in Hairdressing

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How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Certificate IV In Hairdressing?

When you submit all the required documentation to prove your competency in the units of competency requested, you can expect to receive your Certificate IV in Hairdressing within four weeks.

What is the RPL Hairdressing Certificate IV?

RPL means that your previous skills and knowledge in hairdressing can be recognized, so you don’t have to do the whole Certificate IV in Hairdressing course. You can show proof of your past work experience, training, or qualifications, which will be compared to the learning outcomes of the course. If your skills match the required standards, you will get the Certificate IV in Hairdressing qualification.

It’s a faster way to get qualified and save money, but you need to provide enough proof of your skills and knowledge.

Career Growth after Certificate IV in Hairdressing

After completing a Certificate IV in Hairdressing, individuals can progress in their careers and take on more senior positions, such as senior hair stylist or salon manager. They can also become hairdressing educators or trainers, freelance stylists, or start their own salon or hairdressing business. These opportunities offer higher pay, more responsibility, and a chance to use their skills to create unique brands and offer high-quality services.

The Certificate IV in Hairdressing provides a strong foundation in hairdressing techniques and business skills, leading to opportunities for career growth and advancement in the hairdressing industry.

What Skills And Qualities Are Important For A Career In Hairdressing Support?

To succeed in the hairdressing industry, it is important to have skills and qualities such as good communication, creativity, attention to detail, customer service, time management, teamwork, manual dexterity, physical stamina, professionalism, and adaptability.

Documents Required for Obtaining a Hairdressing Certificate IV

To obtain a Hairdressing Certificate IV, you must provide various pieces of evidence that will help the assessor evaluate your skills and talents. This may include supporting documentation such as:

  • ID (identification)
  • Resume (a summary of your work experience and skills)
  • Payslips, a work contract, or an ABN (if self-employed) to show proof of income
  • Letter of Employment to prove current or previous employment
  • Videos or photos of your hairdressing work to showcase your skills and abilities
  • Evidence of overseas qualifications: if you received hairdressing training in another country
  • Transcripts or assessments from any previous hairdressing qualifications you may have
  • Apprenticeship papers: if you completed a hairdressing apprenticeship program
  • Quotes, invoices, receipts, and stock orders to show your experience in managing a hairdressing business
  • Price list to demonstrate your pricing knowledge and expertise.
  • Risk assessments and hazardous substance registers to ensure safety in the workplace
  • Style guide and marketing and advertising documents to show creativity and branding skills.
  • Safety Data Sheets to ensure the safety of hairdressing products
  • Calendar and booking sheet to showcase time management skills.

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