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Are you an aspiring counsellor looking to take your career to the next level? Look no further than the comprehensive Diploma in Counselling program offered by Get Qualified Now. Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway is designed to honour and validate your existing skills and experiences in counselling, paving the way for a formal qualification that will propel your professional journey forward. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the program’s intricacies, benefits, and how you can leverage it to enhance your career prospects in the field of counselling.

Understanding the Counselling RPL Program

The Diploma in Counselling RPL program is meticulously crafted to reflect the pivotal role of counsellors in addressing personal and psychological issues faced by clients using established counselling modalities. These professionals employ a range of communication techniques, micro-counselling strategies, and interview skills, drawing from various counselling therapies to provide effective assistance to their clients. At this level, counsellors typically operate within defined roles within established agencies, rather than in independent practice.

Navigating the Pathway to Qualification

Embarking on your journey towards obtaining the Diploma in Counselling through RPL is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Free Skills Assessment

The journey towards obtaining a Diploma in Counselling through RPL begins with a free skills assessment conducted by Get Qualified Now. This assessment serves as the initial point of evaluation, allowing candidates to showcase their proficiency level in various counselling-related competencies. Through a series of assessments and interviews, candidates demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experiences relevant to the counselling profession. This step enables assessors to gain insight into the candidate’s existing capabilities and determine their eligibility for the RPL program.

Portfolio of Experience

Once the skills assessment is completed, candidates are required to compile a comprehensive portfolio of experience. This portfolio serves as a collection of evidence showcasing the candidate’s extensive background in counselling, including relevant qualifications, training, professional development activities, work experience, and achievements. Candidates are encouraged to include diverse examples highlighting their proficiency in communication, counselling techniques, client interaction, case management, and other relevant areas. The portfolio serves as a tangible representation of the candidate’s expertise and forms the basis for the RPL assessment process.

Evidence Review

Following the submission of the portfolio, expert assessors from Get Qualified Now meticulously review the evidence provided by the candidate. This review process involves a thorough examination of the portfolio to ensure that all relevant experiences and competencies are duly recognized and assessed against the requirements for the Diploma in Counselling. Assessors utilize their expertise and industry knowledge to evaluate the quality and authenticity of the evidence presented, verifying the candidate’s claims and assessing their readiness for formal qualification.

Qualification Award

Upon successful portfolio assessment, candidates who meet the criteria for the Diploma in Counselling are awarded the qualification. This formal recognition validates the candidate’s expertise and achievements in the field of counselling, providing them with a pathway to further career advancement and professional development. With the Diploma in Counselling in hand, candidates gain access to new opportunities for employment, career progression, and specialization within the counselling profession.

Why Choose Get Qualified Now?

At Get Qualified Now, we understand the importance of selecting the right pathway to achieve your career goals. Here are some compelling reasons to choose our Diploma in Counselling RPL program:

Industry Recognition

Get Qualified Now partners with reputable Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) and esteemed colleges to issue qualifications, ensuring industry recognition and credibility. Candidates can trust that their Diploma in Counselling carries the weight of endorsement from recognized institutions, enhancing their professional reputation and credibility within the field.

Streamlined Process

The RPL program offered by Get Qualified Now provides a streamlined pathway to accreditation, allowing candidates to leverage their experience and skills to attain formal qualifications swiftly and efficiently. Rather than undertaking lengthy and redundant educational pathways, candidates can expedite their career progression through recognition of their prior learning and expertise.

Expert Guidance

Throughout the RPL journey, candidates receive personalized support and guidance from experienced trainers and assessors at Get Qualified Now. These experts offer valuable insights, advice, and feedback to help candidates navigate the assessment process and optimize their portfolios for success. With dedicated support at every stage, candidates can approach their RPL journey with confidence and assurance.


Recognizing the diverse needs and commitments of candidates, the RPL program at Get Qualified Now is designed to accommodate individual schedules and preferences. Whether candidates are balancing professional responsibilities, family commitments, or other obligations, they can pursue accreditation at their own pace without disrupting their existing lifestyle. This flexibility ensures that candidates can achieve their career goals without compromising on other aspects of their life.


Get Qualified Now offers competitive pricing and a price-beat guarantee, ensuring that candidates receive value for their investment in their professional development. By choosing the RPL pathway, candidates can save both time and money compared to traditional educational routes, making it a cost-effective solution for advancing their counselling career.

Nationwide Coverage

Get Qualified Now extends its services across all states in Australia, ensuring nationwide coverage and accessibility for aspiring counsellors. Regardless of their location or background, candidates can benefit from the RPL program and pursue their aspirations in the counselling profession. With a commitment to 100 per cent customer satisfaction, Get Qualified Now strives to deliver exceptional service and support to candidates throughout their RPL journey.

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