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Get Qualified Now for a Plumbing Licence in New South Wales

Everyone prefers to work with licensed professionals who have years of experience and exceptional knowledge in their field, and plumbing is no exception. As a result, customers prefer to have a NSW plumbing licence check.
Get Qualified Now is the most reputable and trustworthy RPL skill assessment provider in NSW. We can support and assist you in obtaining a licence, which is required before you can commit to any plumbing job, whether commercial or residential. If you would like to know why the NSW plumbing licence check has become so important, keep scrolling down.

Why do people prefer to do a NSW plumbing licence check?

People prefer an NSW plumbing licence check to know whether the plumbing that they are going to work on is licenced or not for the following reasons:

    In NSW, a plumbing licence allows you to carry out plumbing jobs by yourself without the supervision of others. The licence in plumbing you hold will enable you to work in both residential and commercial settings and finish jobs like installing, and repairing fixtures and pipes that usually work as passages for water, gas, and other fluids in homes and businesses. If you are a licensed plumber, your customers can trust you as a reliable plumber who is acknowledged for safe and industry-standard practices. Due to the aforementioned reasons, people prefer an NSW plumbing licence check to ensure the one they chose holds the licence.
    A plumbing job entails a lot of difficult and dangerous work, such as installing a gas appliance in the desired location. This type of work demands professionals that are licensed instead of inexperienced ones who have no plumbing licence. Engaging with unlicensed plumbers results in potential damage to your home or your health while work is progressing. This is the second-most important reason why residents prefer to have a NSW plumbing licence checked before joining hands with plumbers.

What are the requirements for obtaining a plumbing licence in NSW?

To obtain a plumbing licence in NSW, you may be required to show proof that you have been trained in the skill and hold a completion certificate in plumbing as well as an apprenticeship under a supervisor on how to do the plumbing job. You should think about us if you want to apply for a plumbing licence and make yourself available to your customers for an NSW plumbing licence check.

If you are a plumber with years of experience but have yet to obtain plumbing certification, you can consider us for the skill assessment process. We make you eligible to get a plumbing licence.

Different types of plumbing licences in NSW _

There are several types of plumbing licences available to applicants who apply, and they are as follows:

    Qualified supervisor certificateThis certificate allows only individual plumbers to perform and supervise the plumbing work and does not allow contracting people to carry out plumbing jobs.
    Endorsed contractor licenceTo obtain this certification, you must have the skills, experience, and qualifications of a qualified supervisor. Individuals who obtain this licence can hire individual plumbers to do work. Endorsed contractor licences are allowed to perform qualified supervisor certificate work as well.
    Tradesperson certificateIndividuals are permitted to perform plumbing, gas fitting, and drainage work, but plumbers with a qualified supervisory licence or contractor licence should supervise the individual’s work.