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With no confusion, you definitely need a builders licence in QLD if you would like to be part of any building project, such as construction, remodelling, or renovating a home that is valued at more than $3300. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) regulates building licences for the state.
Get Qualified Now is a company that can assist you in obtaining a builders licence in QLD, a site supervisor’s licence, or a trade contractor’s licence through the QBCC. We even assist with formal qualifications in building and construction, such as trade qualifications, diplomas in building and construction, and RPL. If you are curious to know how we can make the process of getting a builders licence in QLD easier, keep scrolling down.

When do you need a builders’ licence in QLD?


The QBCC made it mandatory to possess the builders’ licence in QLD for those who are involved in building construction, particularly in the below-mentioned job type.

  1. Any building construction project worth more than $3,300
  2. Chemical Termite Control
  3. Protection Against Fire
  4. Gasfitting
  5. Site Categorization
  6. Drainage and plumbing
  7. Low-rise, medium-rise, or open-plan building design
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The Advantages of a Queensland Builders License


Anyone with a licence is a reliable industrial professional who meets all of the requirements of the construction industry, such as skills, knowledge, and formal qualifications. Here are some of the advantages of having a builders licence in QLD.

  • More moneyInstead of working for someone else as an employee, you can easily start your own construction business if you obtain a builders' licence in QLD. With a builder's licence, you have access to several construction projects, resulting in more money.
  • More optionsWith a builder's license, you can have more freedom in choosing the clients and type of construction work. You can even unlock a more enjoyable work environment and have more control over your work schedule if you choose to work independently.
  • A better career optionIn addition to getting a builders' licence, you can opt for additional skills such as plumbing or painting that can extend your employment options. Builders that are entitled to a licence and specialise in other skills that are actually involved in the building industry can enhance their careers in no time.

How to get a builders licence in NSW?


To apply for a job as a builder in New South Wales,You ensure that you meet the qualifications required to apply for a builders licence in NSW. You may need to provide the following supporting documents in order to get a NSW builder licence.

  1. Identity proof
  2. The application fee is determined by the type of licence and qualifications.
  3. Formal relevant qualifications
  4. Any referee statement from a licenced supervisor

You can speak with one of our friendly staff members for more information that is needed for accessing a building licence in NSW.

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Carpenter's licence

Why should you choose us over others?

  • Get Qualified Now have years of experience with preparing builder licensing applications, we have a thorough understanding of the eligibility criteria and requirements that you must meet in order to access the application form.
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Get Qualified Now has been assisting applicants with builders’ licences in QLD. If you are looking for a service that can assist with a contractor licence in NSW, look no further than us. Simply reach out to us and meet our professional team to discuss requirements if you have been confused about how to get a builders licence. Find out how we can support you today. Contact us for further information. Feel free to fill out the contact form.