Diploma of Property (Agency Management)

Fast-track Your Real Estate Career with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Are you a seasoned manager within the real estate domain? Leverage your industry experience to expedite your journey towards becoming a Class 1 licensed agent. Get Qualified Now, in collaboration with our reputable partners, offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Diploma of Property (Agency Management). 

Understanding Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a pathway designed to acknowledge and validate the skills, knowledge, and experience individuals have gained through their work and life experiences. It offers a streamlined approach for experienced professionals to attain formal qualifications without the need to undergo redundant learning. For seasoned managers within the real estate domain, RPL serves as a bridge to expedite their journey towards becoming a Class 1 licensed agent.

How RPL Works

RPL simplifies the transition from a managerial role in a real estate office to obtaining a formal qualification. The process begins by providing evidence of your expertise through a Learning Management System. This evidence encompasses various forms, including comprehensive resumes outlining managerial roles and responsibilities, professional references validating contributions and achievements, payslips affirming employment history within the real estate sector, and a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for seamless documentation and tracking. Upon submission of evidence, applicants engage in a comprehensive phone assessment with experienced assessors to ascertain exemptions and course requirements.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Earning the Diploma of Property (Agency Management) through RPL opens doors to diverse career opportunities within the real estate industry and beyond. Graduates are equipped with industry-relevant skills and knowledge essential for leadership roles. Opportunities span across sectors such as accommodation and food services, healthcare, and social assistance. Mastery of competencies including property agency, compliance, ethical standards, and strategic planning positions graduates as leaders in the real estate landscape, ready to tackle evolving challenges and drive innovation.

Do You Realize Your Work Experience Translates to Qualifications?

Unlock the potential of your professional journey through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Depart from traditional learning methodologies and embrace a streamlined approach that values your expertise. Benefit from email-based assessments, eliminating the need for tedious classroom attendance. Convert your skills into a recognized qualification seamlessly, saving both time and effort.

Evidence of Learning – Your Pathway to Qualification

Evidence manifests in various forms, each attesting to your proficiency and expertise. Ensure your RPL application is substantiated with:

  • Comprehensive resume outlining your managerial roles and responsibilities
  • Professional references validating your contributions and achievements
  • Payslips affirming your employment history within the real estate sector
  • Unique Student Identifier (USI) for seamless documentation and tracking
  • Timely payment of associated fees
  • Completed RPL assessment, demonstrating your readiness for qualification

Steps to Attain Qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

Step 1: Free Skills Assessment

Embark on your RPL journey by taking advantage of a complimentary skills assessment. This initial step serves to evaluate your eligibility and suitability for the Diploma of Property (Agency Management). Through this assessment, you’ll gain insight into how your existing skills, knowledge, and experience align with the requirements of the qualification. It provides a foundational understanding of the RPL process and sets the stage for further progression.

Step 2: Portfolio Compilation

Crafting a comprehensive portfolio is crucial to showcasing your extensive experience, achievements, and contributions within the real estate domain. Take the time to compile detailed resumes outlining your managerial roles and responsibilities, along with professional references that validate your impact and accomplishments in the industry. Additionally, include payslips to affirm your employment history within the real estate sector. Don’t forget to incorporate your Unique Student Identifier (USI) for seamless documentation and tracking purposes. This portfolio serves as tangible evidence of your expertise and forms the backbone of your RPL application.

Step 3: Evidence Review

Once your portfolio is complete, experienced assessors will meticulously review the evidence you’ve provided. Through a thorough evaluation process, they will determine the exemptions and course requirements applicable to your circumstances. This review ensures that your evidence aligns with national qualification standards, guaranteeing the integrity and credibility of the RPL process. Assessors will assess the depth and relevance of your experience, ensuring that it meets the criteria set forth for the Diploma of Property (Agency Management).

Step 4: Qualification Attainment

Upon successful assessment and review of your portfolio, you’ll be on the path to qualification attainment. With your industry expertise duly recognized, you’ll receive the Diploma of Property (Agency Management) qualification. This credential acknowledges your readiness for leadership roles within the real estate landscape, affirming your proficiency in property agency, compliance, ethical standards, and strategic planning. Armed with this formal qualification, you’ll be well-equipped to advance your career and pursue new opportunities within the dynamic real estate industry.

Why Choose Get Qualified Now?

  • Customized RPL assessments align with your unique skill set and experiences.
  • Skip redundant learning and fast-track your qualification journey.
  • Embrace email-based assessments, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • This qualification will be issued by one of our esteemed partners colleges or RTOs
  • Price-beat guarantee, ensuring accessibility to quality education for all aspiring pest management technicians.
  • We provide services in all states in Australia with 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

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