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Utilize your years of work experience to “Get Qualified Now Australia” and
achieve the goals you have by applying for your trade qualification or any other qualifications.

With the help of the Recognition of Prior Learning (usually known as ) process, Get Qualified Now Australia partners with Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) to provide you with the best opportunities of transferring your experiences and prior learning into nationally recognized qualifications.Your field of work and set of skills are unique. You are therefore going to have specific goals and needs for upskilling and overcoming gaps in your expertise. To help you advance in your career, our RTO partners provide Become QUALIFIED RIGHT NOW, and we cover more than 200 qualifications. Why are you waiting for? Contact us today to achieve your Dream qualifications.

Get Qualified Now – Your Pathway to Recognition and Advancement!

Discover the Power of SKILL (Recognition of Prior Learning) in Australia

At Get Qualified Now, we’re dedicated to helping you realize your full potential by recognizing your existing skills and experience. If you’re looking to fast-track your career or obtain a formal qualification, you’ve come to the right place. Our RPL Australia, or Recognition of Prior Learning, is a nationally recognized process that enables you to obtain a qualification based on your current knowledge and experience. It’s a flexible, efficient, and highly respected way to achieve certification without traditional coursework. We offer a comprehensive range of trade license Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) qualifications and gap training programs in collaboration with our accredited Registered Training Organizations (RTOs). Our services encompass a wide spectrum of trades, including electrician, plumbing, carpentry, roof tiling, wall and floor tiling, dry and wet plastering, and many more. With our trusted RTO partners, we facilitate over 250 RPL qualifications to help individuals advance their careers and gain the necessary credentials in their chosen fields.


Free 50 Second Skills Assessment

Have a conversation, with Get qualified now Australia regarding your objectives. Let us assist you in identifying the qualification that will enable you to achieve them.

Building a Portfolio of Experience

Your personal consultant will assist you in compiling a portfolio of evidence. This may include certifications, transcripts, photographs, and videos samples of your work letters of recommendation your current resume and other relevant documents.

Reviewing Evidence OR Skills Check

After one of our partner registered training organisations (RTOs) has evaluated your portfolio, the assigned assessor may reach out to you if any additional evidence is needed. In case you have any areas of weakness, the RTO might assign a trainer to provide additional skills training for you, with no cost incurred on your part.


When your skills check completed, you will receive A formal qualification which
hold equal value to those obtained through full-time study. Additionally, these qualifications can be beneficial for obtaining Any trade licenses or for immigration purposes such as to apply for permanent residency or skills assessment.

Alejandro VillanuevaAlejandro Villanueva
23:48 09 Mar 24
Best company for trade licence and migration and highly recommended and affordable price for all services and course fees.thumps up !!!
11:28 02 Mar 24
What an awesome experience. My queries were answered with clarity and I got what I reached out for. Kevin and team, you guys are amazing. Will definitely refer my friends here for help with their visas. ❤️??
raja brahmanaraja brahmana
09:57 15 Feb 24
Excellent service and affordable price
Baydon PhillipsBaydon Phillips
03:02 14 Dec 23
Kevin was an absolute legend throughout the whole process, looked after me and checked in and was there for any questions day and night, ? recommend
ifte islamifte islam
09:56 08 Dec 23
Delighted with the service! Would highly recommend.
Emy Roshida MufipEmy Roshida Mufip
19:12 27 Nov 23
Kevin very sensational. Great service, and reliable. Very well recommended and informative service.
Cheruto FranciscaCheruto Francisca
03:48 15 Nov 23
Excellent customer service.The best instructor…thanks kelvin.I highly recommend.
Jacob WardJacob Ward
23:24 03 Nov 23
Kevin sorted me out with my mechanical qualification really easy to deal with and the price was competitive.Kevin made the whole process really easy!
Nesrean SabbaghNesrean Sabbagh
07:03 27 Oct 23
My career path was profoundly shaped by Get Qualified Now Australia. Their efficient Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) procedure enabled me to attain my desired qualification swiftly and affordably. I recommend them to anyone aiming to fast-track their career advancement.
Varun PenumalliVarun Penumalli
08:56 15 Oct 23
I high recommend get qualified now Australia for your your RPL QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS ASSESSMENT FOR CHEF, ACCOUNTING.And trade licensing advice and help and application lodgement in All states in Australia and they are very supportive and helpful for all your inquiries and please call them today to get your All RPL trade license!!!
Parra CabsParra Cabs
03:32 15 Oct 23
Kevin is a professional man providing servicing in RPL.The service is on time and reliable.Anyone after his certification in histrade can contact him.
Jamal AhmadJamal Ahmad
04:24 13 Oct 23
GET QUALIFIED NOW AUSTRALIA VERY professional and reliable and Efficient with affordable price Recognition of Prior Learning(Rpl ) service and trade license and skills assessments and students admission and migration services provider. Highly recommend their services to get for everyone.
Sonya KSonya K
06:13 08 Oct 23
I highly recommend Get Qualified Now Australia for providing me with my RPL certificate, very professional and excellent customer service. They explained to me over the phone the step by step process from start to finish. Very happy dealing with this organisation.
Shehan AvishkaShehan Avishka
06:38 07 Jun 23
Get qualified now Australia is the best RPL SERVICE in Australia. This company covers all trades licensing from carpenter licensing to plumbing, electrician licensing, landscaping licensing, builders license etc. I high recommend get qualified now Australia provides all certifications with affordable prices and professional and proving best customer service and I am very pleased with company and high recommend this for your all trade license in Australia. Best customer service always they provide. Highly highly recommended!!!’
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Expert Trade Licensing Guidance and Application Assistance from Get Qualified Now

At Get Qualified Now, we are determined to assist tradespeople and builders in putting their best foot forward. We comprehend that acquiring your builder or trade license can be a daunting task, mainly given the complicated and ever-changing licensing laws in each Australian state and territory. That’s where we come in – we’re here to make the procedure smoother and more convenient for you, all at small business expenses.

Reasons To Choose Get Qualified Now?

Receiving a trade or builder’s license is not just about paperwork; it’s about guaranteeing your capabilities align with the specific necessities of your chosen field and location. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you specify the licensing pathways you qualify for and guide you through the necessary steps to achieve your licensing objectives.

Expertise in Licensing: We specialize in guiding the complicated world of trade and builder licensing across Australia. Our crew is well-versed in the nuances of licensing laws in each state and territory, keeping you knowledgeable and prepared.

Tailored Guidance: We apprehend that each individual’s journey to obtaining a trade or builder’s license is unique. We provide personalized guidance, taking into account your specific qualifications, goals, and location to create a roadmap tailored just for you.

Application Support: The application process can be overwhelming. Our experienced team will walk you through every step, helping you gather the required documentation and ensuring your application is in perfect order for submission. This support greatly increases your chances of approval.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We believe in providing high-quality services at small business expenses. We’re committed to offering affordable solutions that won’t break the bank, making it easier for you to achieve your licensing goals.

Comprehensive Knowledge: With our vast understanding of licensing requirements in every Australian state and territory, you can trust that you’re obtaining proper and up-to-date recommendations, no matter where you’re located. We keep swiftness with ever-changing restrictions, so you don’t have to.

Streamlined Process: We comprehend that your time is priceless. Our purpose is to make the licensing procedure as smooth and suitable as possible so you can concentrate on sharpening your skills and constructing your career.

At Get Qualified Now, we’re not just a service; we’re your partner in victory. Let us help you take the subsequent step in your career by acquiring the trade or builder’s license you need to succeed in your desired field.

Our Services

Personalized Licensing Guidance: We provide tailored guidance based on your situation and goals, guaranteeing you take the right steps towards getting your license.
Application Assistance: Our team aids you with the entire application procedure, from documentation to submission, to improve your probability of acceptance.
State and Territory Expertise: We have vast knowledge of the licensing prerequisites in every Australian state and territory, guaranteeing you obtain proper guidance no matter where you’re located.

How does the Process Work?

Initial Consultation: Initiate your expedition with Get Qualified Now by speaking with one of our reliable licensing professionals. This consultation is completely obligation-free and allows us to comprehend your circumstances and aspirations.

Document Collection: Once we’ve examined your situation, we’ll direct you via the display of the required documentation demanded for your license application. Our specialists will guarantee you have all the paperwork in order, preserving your practical time and effort.

Application Assistance: Relying on the type of license you’re seeking and your eligibility, we offer two options:

Application Preparation Guidance: We’ll provide you with tailored guidance on how to best organize your application. This recommendation confirms you’re well-equipped to submit a strong application on your own.

Hassle-Free Application Completion: Alternatively, we can take care of the whole application procedure for you. Our professional team will endure the paperwork, submission, and follow-up, making the process smooth and stress-free.


Call Us to Schedule Meeting 

Don’t let the complicatedness of trade and builder licensing hold you back. Please enquire with us today to find the licensing courses you qualify for, understand the eligibility criteria, and understand how Get Qualified Now can support you in obtaining your trade or builder’s license. We are committed to assisting you grow in your construction career by delivering expert direction every step of the way.

Contact us now to venture on your voyage towards licensing conquest. Your fortune in the construction industry begins with us!

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Expert Trade Licensing Guidance and Application Assistance from Get Qualified Now

GET Qualified Now Australia, located in Australia, is owned and operated by a proficient team of experts specializing in RPL qualifications and trade licensing. With extensive experience, our team aids in various construction license applications across Australia. We provide guidance, support in license applications, and offer consulting services.

Licensing and Qualification Services

At Get Qualified Now, we specialize in providing complete assistance to help you obtain and understand builder licenses and credentials trails. Our crew is dedicated to assisting you in guiding the complex world of builder licensing in Australia. Whether you’re an aspiring tradesperson, a construction company, or an experienced builder seeking guidance, we’ve got you shielded.

Documentation Assessment and Advice for Builder Applications

Our squad will meticulously assess your documentation against all state and territory essentials across Australia. This examination is crucial as it allows us to resolve your eligibility for a builder’s license. We’ll direct you step-by-step, from start to finish, on how to best organize your application for a successful result.

Second Thought on Your Application

Have you already finished your application and are pursuing a second opinion? We suggest a review service where we’ll examine your fully completed application to determine any possible risks or areas for revision before compliance. Our purpose is to maximize your probability of a thriving application.

Application Preparation Services

We offer specialized application trial services for different license types, including:

No matter your specific needs, we have the expertise to help you in organizing a robust application tailored to your license type. All trade Licensing, all type Contractor license NSW, QBCC, ACT, VIC, TAS and RPL Trade Qualification Services and Application fill out professional help for all trades in Australia.

We are providing one stop shop to get your trade qualifications as well as all contractors license and builders license for all states.

Qualification Routes

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL stands as the best choice for many aspiring license holders. It offers a swifter and more cost-effective route corresponding to traditional methods. Typically achieved within 1-3 months, RPL procedures are designed to acclimate your schedule, letting you study online and at your own pace. To pursue this option, a few years of applicable industry experience are required, along with documented evidence of your expertise. Reach out to us today to explore the RPL pathway in more detail.


The traditional pathway is suitable for individuals who are relatively new to the industry. It entails a comprehensive learning process, either online or in person, and typically spans a minimum of 3-18 months, depending on whether the course is full-time, part-time, or self-paced. This route is ideal for those who are looking to build a strong foundation in their field before pursuing licensing. At Get Qualified Now, we can help you decide which pathway aligns best with your qualifications and aspirations. Our goal is to simplify the qualification process, ensuring that you choose the most suitable route for your unique situation. Whether you opt for the efficiency of RPL or the comprehensive approach of the traditional method, we’re here to guide you toward your licensing goals. Reach out to us today to discuss your credentials pathway and set yourself on the path to success.

Career and Qualification Pathway Advice

Are you looking to select a career as a licensed builder, tradesperson, or building company in Australia? Our team is here to deliver you with personalized, step-by-step directions on the essential pathways to reach your goals in the building industry. We propose:

Advice on Qualification Pathways: Locate the qualifications and certifications required to fulfill your desired license outcome.

Tailored Pathway Plans: We’ll create a customized plan that abstracts the exact steps you need to take to achieve your goals, whether you’re beginning from scratch or looking to improve in your career.

Our Core Significances: Constructing a Foundation for Success

At Get Qualified Now, our journey is driven by a set of root significances that form the bedrock of our association. These principles reflect what we stand for, what we believe in, and how we approach our assignment in the world of builder licensing and credentials pathways. We offer expert and reliable trade licensing guidance services, along with a comprehensive range of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) qualifications, starting from Certificate I in Construction up to Diploma of Building and Construction. With over 250 qualifications available, we provide RPL support for various trades. Additionally, we assist with application form completion and submission for all states in Australia through Get Qualified Now Australia.

Client-Centric Excellence: We believe in arranging our clients at the center of everything we do. Your triumph is our success, and we are dedicated to providing top-notch assistance that surpasses your expectations. We listen, we adapt, and we work tirelessly to guarantee your goals are met.

Integrity and Transparency: Trust is essential in our enterprise. We are relentless in our dedication to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. You can rely on us for proper information, fair assessments, and straightforward guidance.

Expertise and Innovation: In a rapidly developing field, knowledge is power. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of enterprise trends and restrictions. Our group of experts constantly seeks creative explanations to make your licensing journey as smooth as possible.

Empowering Your Success: We firmly believe that knowledge is empowerment. We are here to empower you with the information, guidance, and tools you need to achieve your ambitions in the construction industry. Your success is our ultimate goal.

Continuous Improvement: The purpose of excellence is an ongoing journey. We are committed to continuous advancement, both in our assistance and in our team’s skills and knowledge. Growth and learning are keys to success.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Our services are created to be accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstances. We encourage inclusivity and variety, promoting an environment where everyone can succeed and flourish.

These core markdowns are not just words on a page; they are the principles that navigate every interchange and determination at Get Qualified Now. By remaining true to these values, we can help you build a strong footing for your success in the building industry.

Contact Us today to learn more about our licensing and ability services. Let us help you helm the path to victory in the construction industry.

Transforming your years of experience into a Formal Qualification via the Trade Licensing process.

Qualification Process for Licensing

Get Qualified Now – Your Path to Professional Licensing!

Before you venture on your expedition to apply for a builder’s or trade license, it’s paramount to ensure that you maintain the right credentials. These capabilities must align with the detailed requirements set by your state regulator. What capabilities do you need? Are you unsure if your current qualifications meet the standards? No worries! We’re here to help you with every phase of the course.

Here’s How We Can Help.

Qualification Assessment: We’ll assess your current qualifications and help you understand whether they meet the requirements for your desired license. If further qualifications are required, we’ll guide you on acquiring them.

Training Partnerships: We have established collaborations with trusted RTOs to guarantee that you acquire the highest quality apprenticeship. We can link you with these organizations, permitting you to acquire the essential qualifications efficiently.

License Application Support: Once you’ve received the relevant qualifications from an RTO, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can furnish expert assistance with your license application procedure, streamlining it for your comfort.

The Power of RPL for Your Career and Life

Having your skills officially recognized through RPL certificate nsw can open doors to a world of opportunities. It goes beyond just a piece of paper; it’s about validating your expertise and dedication.
An initial assessment with us could be your ticket to obtaining a nationally recognized qualification. The benefits are immense – increased career prospects, avoiding unnecessary training, and much more.
Don’t wait to take charge of your career and life. Let Get Qualified Now Australia help you turn your skills into qualifications and embrace a brighter future with an RPL course.

Why Choose Us?

At Get Qualified Now, we specialize in helping individuals like you navigate the often complex qualification process for licensing. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you in the right direction, ensuring that you obtain the correct qualifications from reputable training organizations at competitive expenses.

Please note that while we provide invaluable guidance and support, we are not a Registered Training Organization (RTO), and we do not issue qualifications ourselves. Rather, we focus on delegating you to make informed determinations and facilitate your license application process for the best chance of success.

Embark on your expedition toward experienced licensing with confidence, knowing that Get Qualified Now is by your side. We’re determined to assist you in achieving your goals and securing the qualifications needed for your trade or builder license. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to kickstart your licensing journey on the right track. Your success is our priority!

Empower Your Future with Get Qualified Australia Now

Unlock Your Potential

Start your journey to success with a Free Skills Assessment at Get Qualified Now. Let’s talk about your goals, and allow us to navigate you toward the RPL qualification that will propel you forward.

Building Your Portfolio of Excellence

Your dedicated consultant will guide you in creating a compelling Portfolio of Experience. This portfolio isn’t just a collection of papers; it’s a showcase of your talents. It can include overseas qualifications, transcripts, certificates, photos and videos, work samples, letters of reference, and your current resume.

You're Certified!

Get Qualified Now Australia partners with Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) whose qualifications hold the same prestige as those earned through full-time study. These qualifications are nationally recognized in Australia and can also serve essential purposes like licensing or immigration.

Our Videos


RPL is an abbreviation for Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL companies, such as GET QUALIFIED NOW AUSTRALIA can provide you with a nationally recognized qualification simply through assessing your past work experience, as the name implies. There will be no classroom education and absolutely no interruptions to your career or personal life. Recognition of Prior Learning evaluates what you already know and compares it to the qualification you want. The finest feature is that it takes academic, non-formal, and informal learning into consideration.

All you need to do is submit an application to Get qualified now Australia   to get your RPL certification. In order to support your application, you must include supporting documentation. This might consist of documents written like a report or a portfolio of work illustrations, as well as evidence of methods of assessment like work observations or conversations.

Each of the certificates and qualifications from Get Qualified now Australia RPL are accepted in Australia on a national level. It also means that you are able to take advantage of your RPL qualification’s higher earning potential and professional advantages anywhere you go.

Start your free, 60-second skills assessment now, and an assessor will get in touch with you in order to confirm your eligibility.

Whether yourtraining or expertise was obtained in Australia or overseas, anybody who possesses prior knowledge, experience, or skills that are pertinent to the course of study they wish to finish may apply for this procedure. You must be able to demonstrate the abilities and information you have acquired if you want to succeed.

Recognizing earlier education usually pays off in financial savings. Unless there are gaps that call for on-the-job training or class attendance, you won’t need to pay for resources, and you already have the fundamental skills you need.

The number of proofs of recognition needed and the time it takes you to put together all your proof will determine how quickly the whole process may be completed, which might take a few weeks.