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Get Qualified Now Australia Welcomes You:

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Utilize your years of work experience to “Get Qualified Now Australia” and achieve the goals you have by applying for your trade qualification or any other qualifications.

With the help of the Recognition of Prior Learning (usually known as RPL) process, Get Qualified Now Australia partners with Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) to provide you with the best opportunities of transferring your experiences and prior learning into nationally recognized qualifications.

Your field of work and set of skills are unique. You are therefore going to have specific goals and needs for upskilling and overcoming gaps in your expertise. To help you advance in your career, our RTO partners provide Become QUALIFIED RIGHT NOW, and we cover more than 200 RPL qualifications. Why are you waiting for? Contact us today to achieve your Dream RPL qualifications.

Get Qualified Now – Your Pathway to Recognition and Advancement!


Discover the Power of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) in Australia

At Get Qualified Now, we’re dedicated to helping you realize your full potential by recognizing your existing skills and experience. If you’re looking to fast-track your career or obtain a formal qualification, you’ve come to the right place. Our RPL Australia, or Recognition of Prior Learning, is a nationally recognized process that enables you to obtain a qualification based on your current knowledge and experience. It’s a flexible, efficient, and highly respected way to achieve certification without traditional coursework. We offer a comprehensive range of trade license Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) qualifications and gap training programs in collaboration with our accredited Registered Training Organizations (RTOs). Our services encompass a wide spectrum of trades, including electrician, plumbing, carpentry, roof tiling, wall and floor tiling, dry and wet plastering, and many more. With our trusted RTO partners, we facilitate over 250 RPL qualifications to help individuals advance their careers and gain the necessary credentials in their chosen fields.

Empower Your Future with Skills Certified Australia


Unlock Your Potential

Start your journey to success with a Free Skills Assessment at Get Qualified Now. Let’s talk about your goals, and allow us to navigate you toward the RPL qualification that will propel you forward.

Building Your Portfolio of Excellence

Your dedicated consultant will guide you in creating a compelling Portfolio of Experience. This portfolio isn’t just a collection of papers; it’s a showcase of your talents. It can include overseas qualifications, transcripts, certificates, photos and videos, work samples, letters of reference, and your current resume.

You're Certified!

Get Qualified Now Australia partners with Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) whose qualifications hold the same prestige as those earned through full-time study. These qualifications are nationally recognized in Australia and can also serve essential purposes like licensing or immigration.


More Than Just a Certification Process


We collaborate with RTOs to allow you to transform your experiences and prior learning into a nationally recognized qualification through the RPL assessment process.

Your skills and career path are as unique as you are. That’s why, we take a personalized approach to assess your needs and fill the gaps in your knowledge. We’re dedicated to ensuring you take the right next steps for your career.

Discover the vast range of industries and qualifications awarded by our partner RTOs. Contact us today to achieve certifications through RPL courses Australia and elevate your career to new heights.

Perks of RPL at Get Qualified Now


Fast-Track Your Career

 Diploma of accounting RPL allows you to accelerate your professional journey by recognizing your existing skills and experience. Say goodbye to lengthy coursework and hello to swift career advancement.

Cost-Effective Certification

We understand the value of affordability. Our competitive RPL certificate cost makes quality education accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.

Comprehensive Range of Courses

From graduate diplomas to specialized trade qualifications, we offer various RPL courses Australia to suit your career aspirations.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team is here to guide you through the RPL Australia process, ensuring you receive the recognition you deserve.

Flexibility and Efficiency

 RPL is a flexible, efficient, and highly respected way to achieve certification. Balance your career and education with ease.

Nationwide Recognition

Our RPL certificate is recognized across Australia, opening doors to a world of opportunities, whether you’re in New South Wales (NSW) or any other state.

Personalized Approach

Your journey is unique, and we treat it that way. We tailor our services to align with your specific skills, experience, and career goals.

Partnerships with Trusted RTOs

We collaborate with accredited Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) to ensure the highest quality of education and qualifications.

Take the next step in your career and discover the advantages of an RPL graduate diploma with Get Qualified Now. Unlock your potential, save time and money, and get on the fast track to success. Your journey towards a brighter future starts here.

The Power of RPL for Your Career and Life

Having your skills officially recognized through RPL certificate nsw can open doors to a world of opportunities. It goes beyond just a piece of paper; it’s about validating your expertise and dedication.

An initial assessment with us could be your ticket to obtaining a nationally recognized qualification. The benefits are immense – increased career prospects, avoiding unnecessary training, and much more.

Don’t wait to take charge of your career and life. Let Get Qualified Now Australia help you turn your skills into qualifications and embrace a brighter future with an RPL course.

Get Qualified Now – Where Recognition Paves the Way to Progress


Our Success

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Jake Pigdon
Highly experienced team with great services. They are the professionals whom one could trust on. Keep doing the great job. You guys are awesome.
Callum Biraban
Many of my friends have used this services, and they all successfully accomplished their goals with outstanding results. should contact them to request their services as a team.
Katie Bright
Attended a session about the various PR immigration options at GetQualifiedNow Services. Leo kindly weighed the advantages and disadvantages of each one. was really useful and interesting!

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David Cassidy
David Cassidy
Kevin is extremely professional, making it a very easy process to obtain my certificate 3 in Painting and Decorating plus my certificate 1in Construction. If your looking for a company to do your RPL through, I can highly recommend Get Qualified Now Australia. Very professional and affordable. Regards David Cassidy
Spotless Clean Group Pest and Building Management
Spotless Clean Group Pest and Building Management
Kavin from Get Qualified Now has assisted us to get through RPL Building and Construction and carpentry. Very professional and reliable service. Excellent service😊
Matt Isfahani
Matt Isfahani
Get Qualified Now is trusted and reliable,
Albert Attlee
Albert Attlee
I obtained my RPL for Cert 3 in carpentry, Certificate IV and Diploma of Building & Construction from get Qualified Now Australia the service and experience of this RPL is exceptional, the best RPL service provider in Australia with Australia and thanks to Kevin my RPL Trainer and Assessor through his work and patience in assisting me to compile my required documents. Everything was a breeze and I can’t compliment Skills Certified enough for their excellent service. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs their skills verified.
ruth rotich
ruth rotich
The best and affordable institution for certificate courses
Savyo Yokhanna
Savyo Yokhanna
Get qualified now is the best RPL SERVICE PROVIDER IN AUSTRALIA.I have got my certificate iii in bricklayer and blocklying through RPL process with Kevin.I highly recommend his services and he guided me all the steps through entire process.Thumbs up for him!!!!
Kyron Bryant
Kyron Bryant
Kevin was very easy to talk too and and always polite. I can guarantee he will help you in any way possible.
Frankie Tran
Frankie Tran
Kevin is a great mentor who works for Qualfy NOW and also owns get qualified now Australia Rpl service .He has helped me through all stages of Training and Assessment (TAE) and his customer service is the best.Highly recommend!!! and best RPL SERVICES PROVIDER in Australia.
Martin Adam Hossain
Martin Adam Hossain
This service is exceptional, Kevin is amazing and managed to help me with migration issues. I recommend this to everyone needing assistance in RPL and migration advice.
What Does RPL Stand For?

RPL is an abbreviation for Recognition of Prior Learning. RPL companies, such as GET QUALIFIED NOW AUSTRALIA can provide you with a nationally recognized qualification simply through assessing your past work experience, as the name implies. There will be no classroom education and absolutely no interruptions to your career or personal life. Recognition of Prior Learning evaluates what you already know and compares it to the qualification you want. The finest feature is that it takes academic, non-formal, and informal learning into consideration.

How Can I Acquire an Australian RPL Certificate?

All you need to do is submit an application to Get qualified now Australia   to get your RPL certification. In order to support your application, you must include supporting documentation. This might consist of documents written like a report or a portfolio of work illustrations, as well as evidence of methods of assessment like work observations or conversations.

Are RPL Certifications Recognized Across Australia?

Each of the certificates and qualifications from Get Qualified now Australia RPL are accepted in Australia on a national level. It also means that you are able to take advantage of your RPL qualification’s higher earning potential and professional advantages anywhere you go.

Do I Qualify For RPL?

Start your free, 60-second skills assessment now, and an assessor will get in touch with you in order to confirm your eligibility.

Who is Eligible for RPL in Australia?

Whether yourtraining or expertise was obtained in Australia or overseas, anybody who possesses prior knowledge, experience, or skills that are pertinent to the course of study they wish to finish may apply for this procedure. You must be able to demonstrate the abilities and information you have acquired if you want to succeed.

Is enrolling directly in the RPL courses less expensive and simpler?

Recognizing earlier education usually pays off in financial savings. Unless there are gaps that call for on-the-job training or class attendance, you won’t need to pay for resources, and you already have the fundamental skills you need.

How long does it take to obtain an RPL educational certificate or certification?

The number of proofs of recognition needed and the time it takes you to put together all your proof will determine how quickly the whole process may be completed, which might take a few weeks.