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Building Trade License

Qualification Code and Units of Competency:


Duration to Get Your RPL Trade License for Building

After receiving appropriate and adequate documents as proof of ability in all units of competency requested, you will get a RPL Trade License for Building within a four-week time frame.

What is a Building Trade License?

A Building Trade License is a permit to legally work as a building tradesperson in Australia. It proves that the person has the necessary skills and knowledge to do building work safely and effectively. Building work includes the construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance of buildings and structures. To get the license, the person must complete training or an apprenticeship and pass a competency assessment.

What Type of Building Work Requires A Trade License?

In Australia, a trade license is required for any building work that involves structural changes or affects the safety, stability, or weatherproofing of a building or structure. This includes construction, renovation, alteration, repair, and maintenance. The type of license needed may vary depending on the type and extent of work being done and the location of the project.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Building Trade License?

A Building Trade License in Australia has many benefits, such as proving that you have the necessary skills to work as a builder. With a license, you can access more job opportunities and earn higher wages.

Clients are more likely to trust licensed builders, leading to more work opportunities and referrals. A trade license ensures that you have the knowledge and training to work safely with building materials, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Having a license also ensures compliance with the law and regulations, avoiding fines and legal consequences.

Documents Required for a Building Trade License

To help the person evaluating you form an opinion on your abilities, you’ll need to submit various pieces of proof. It’s possible that you’ll be asked to present evidence like:

  • ID
  • Resume
  • Pay slips/work contract/ABN if self-employed
  • Letter of Employment
  • Current employment contracts
  • Letters of reference from licensed tradesmen you have worked with
  • Videos or photos of your work
  • Evidence of overseas qualifications
  • Transcripts or assessments from related previous qualifications
  • Apprenticeship papers.
  • Safe work method statements
  • Job safety analysis
  • Quotes, invoices, and stock orders
  • Job cards
  • Maintenance reports and service sheets
  • Drawings/schematics/blueprints

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