Trade Licensing Advise and Professional Help

The complete guide to get YOUR TRADE LICENSE and professional help for application from fill-up and lodging
We have highly skilled team to obtain your trade license all states in Australia. Getting your trade license is crucial for establishing your reputation and convincing clients that you are qualified for the trade jobs. Having to demonstrate that you possess the necessary skills is one of the first steps in earning A trade license. A fantastic method to do that is obtaining a nationally recognized certificate from one of our reputable partners RTOS Swiftly and efficiently!!!

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Follow 4 simple steps to apply for your Trade license with us

Becoming a qualified candidate is one of the most important things for your application for a job at a licence business, but if that’s not to be the case, don’t stress. We’ll get you qualified using your formal work experience in the industry (T&C apply) known as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process provided by one of our partnered RTOs, if applicable.

Once you are qualified, we will meet down with you to review your professional experience (skills) in the field, both current and formal. You must have a formal education and a minimum amount of work experience to perform construction and specialty labor. We’ll help you through the entire process of gathering proof of your work and compiling it into a portfolio.

The application for a trade license also requires a number of other documents, such as insurance (if applicable), previous trade history, previous licensing history, criminal records (if any), etc. Before the application reaches the final stage, we at Get Qualified Now make sure that each stage is thoroughly examined and validated.

You are now completely prepared to file your application with the appropriate government (NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, WA, NT, TAS), but keep in mind that each state may have its own requirements for filing an application, whether it be electronically, via mail, or in person. Prior to submitting your trade license application, we will provide you with the best advice we can.